Oct 082009

Versiune în română

Cris has been scolding me lately for letting this blog die. To be honest I had the intention of writing more about the trip to Paris and about a September trip to Vienna but I got entirely caught up in a new project which has kept me busy. In a way, this project was born from my trip to Paris so it is Paris’ fault that I kept away for so long. I’m kidding, of course, but here comes the story of what kept me away for such a long time. While I was preparing for the trip to Paris I discovered a nice blog by the name of Paris Daily Photo. Its author Eric, who recommends himself as a “friendly Parisian”, is posting an image of Paris a day with a small commentary. Extending my search I found out that there is a whole bunch of daily city photoblogs, some still up to date, some already closed after being in use for a few years. This is how I got the idea of creating one for Bucharest, the city where I was born and where I currently live. My declared goal was (and is) to post a daily photo taken in Bucharest accompanied by a small commentary related to the photo. I shared this idea with a few friends and was asked by some if I think anyone will be interested. I certainly hoped that some people will be interested. If not, the worst case scenario was that I will get to know my city better 🙂 And so a new blog was born: Bucharest Daily Photo. So far I kept at it for more than two months and I have about 50 visitors a day to each version (English and Romanian) of the blog. This activity takes a lot of my time because it turns out that it’s not easy to come up with a new photo and a commentary every day. But at the moment I’m having fun with it and I really enjoy it so I don’t mind the work.