Jun 302011

Versiune in română

San Francisco’s Union Square

Thursday June 30th I was out and about downtown San Francisco on a last minute shopping spree before flying back to Romania. The weather was gorgeous, even more so considering that this was one of the few sunny days that the month of June shared with San Francisco. The weather this past month was as the saying goes “The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco”, one of the funniest (and true) words that Mark Twain never said. But Thusday was sunny and warm and it felt so good that it inspired me to take a break from shopping and enjoy a lemonade in Union Square, a small plaza in downtown San Francisco. The heart sculpture is part of an annual public art installation started in 2004 by the San Francisco General Hospital Foundation for the purpose of fundraising. It was inspired by the CowParade and by Tony Bennett’s Song “I left my heart in San Francisco”.

Jun 292011

Versiune în română

I was asked by many of my friends as to why I gave up this project. Looks like many people were following it, my audience was bigger than I expected. The answer is really not that complicated, I just got lazy 🙂 Bad, bad Andreea. But I decided to give it another try, see if this time I can take it past day 50. The rules are basically the same as last time. Take photographs everyday for a year and post the favorite (in my opinion) photo of the day from the place I happen to be at that particular moment.

I’ll try to restart the project tomorrow.