Jan 232007

Versiune în română

We’re back in California since last Tuesday. This time the trip seemed shorter than usual as I spent most of my time on the plane sleeping. We found San Francisco very sunny for this time of year. It usually rains a lot in January but it’s been sunny ever since we arrived. As we entered the apartment I realized what I missed the most about it while we were gone: the view from our living room window.

We moved into our current apartment about 4 years ago. We came to see the apartment late at night, after long and tiring hours of work. We were aware of the fact that the apartment had a view but frankly it was entirely lost on us. Those were the times when the economy was in bad shape and all we heard on the radio on the way to work was how another IT company is laying off 10000 people. What we cared about was that we would be saving $400/month in rent and that the building was rent controlled. We decided to move in. When the day of moving came we entered the apartment and got struck by the view. We wondered how tired we were from overworking not to notice it the first time? It’s the very first thing that catches the eye as one enters the room. And at night when the lights from downtown are on it’s equally beautiful. I’m in love with this view. When I’m feeling down I look out the window on the San Francisco downtown and it never fails to cheer me up. And every time I look I find some new detail that I didn’t notice before. I’ll surely miss it when we’ll return to Romania.

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  1. These are wonderful photos, Andreea. You must be way up above upper Market somewhere. Now, whenever I get homesick I can just go to this post. Thanks so much for putting them up.

  2. I live in Twin Peaks, above Market as you guessed. I wonder how old my neighbourhood is, my guess is that it expanded somewhere in the 70s.

  3. That would be my memory. The area they call Diamond Heights was filled up with expensive apartment blocks round about then. I didn’t go up there much, but I seem to remember open field still in the Sixties.

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