Oct 122010

Versiune în română

Hong Kong, Repulse Bay

I didn’t take any pictures on October 12th because I spent half of the day in the airplane, flying from Hong Kong back to Bucharest, and the other half in the company of family. I guess there may be days like these, when I won’t be taking photos. Instead I’m going to post a picture that was taken on October 11, one of the last taken that day in Hong Kong.

Oct 112010

Versiune în română

Hong Kong, the south side of the Western Market

The Western Market resides in Sheung Wan, one of the earliest places settled by British in Hong Kong. It is the oldest surviving market building in the city. The structure is in the Edwardian style, which was very much the rage in England in 1906 when the Western Market was built. The structure that is now the Western Market was in fact the North Block of the original Western Market. The South Block was demolished in 1981. Nowadays it holds stores selling an assortment of goods from souvenirs and jewelery to textiles.