Aug 212006

Versiune în română

So… here it is. The first post of my new blog. For a long time I wanted to start a blog but until now I’ve been too lazy to do it. I didn’t know much about blogs until about six months ago when I was doing research about visiting Argentina and I ran into a blog written by an American living in Buenos Aires. I liked that blog a lot. I still read it daily. From there I started discovering the world of blogs . And about two months ago I decided to start my own.

It wasn’t easy coming up with a name. First I though to call it “A Tale of Two Cities” based on the fact that I’m now sharing my time between Bucharest and San Francisco. But that seemed a bit too easy. I also thought of the name “The Wild West & The Wild East” based on the same idea, that I would be writing mostly from San Francisco and Bucharest, the Southwest USA and the Eastern Europe. But the name seemed too long and somewhat boring. In the end I settled for the name “Roads of Romania” because that’s where I’m from and no matter where I am geographically I see the world with Romanian eyes. I grew up in Romania and culturally I will always be a Romanian product. The “roads” of Romania don’t have to be physical roads. They can be mental roads as well, the way I interpret everything through my Romanian upbringing. So “Roads of Romania” it is.

When thinking about the blog I had to make another decision. What language will I be using? I want my English-speaking friends to be able to read it, but I would also like to write in Romanian. I see no other way out but to keep a bilingual blog. Which I will be trying to do in the months following. It might take me a little while to figure out how to do this but I’ll try to do my best. I already came up with a Romanian version of the title. I called it “Prin Romania”.

And here ends my first post.

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