Aug 262006

Versiune in română

Summer is almost over. In one week Cris and I will return to California where there will be a lot of work waiting for us. Plenty of things to do, some unpleasant – like taxes – and some pleasant ones – like a trip to Yellowstone mid-September. The last week in Bucharest was somewhat boring, with us trying to put affairs in order before our leave. Our main activity this week was fighting over bills with the construction company that oversees the remodeling of our house. Since I don’t image who will be interested in this subject I decided to write about the summer that will be ending in a few days. It was a summer full of activities and events. A summer in which we made a lot of new friends and met with many of the old friends. What else have we done this summer? Bucharest had a few great events in which we took part, like the Depeche Mode or the Gotan Project concerts.

I saw a couple theater plays, including a very good “Heart of a Dog” by Bulgakov at the National Theater. We met a group of people obsessed with tango and we took part in a few milongas, out of which we organized two of them. We celebrated 10 years of marriage. We threw a bunch of bbqs on the terrace of the house before the construction workers started ripping it apart. We went horse-riding for the first time in our lives, somewhere in Corbeanca near Bucharest. We went to Bookfest, the annual book fair in Bucharest. We went to the seaside in Mamaia, and to the mountains at Muntele Rosu, Cheia, to Timisoara and Belgrade.

We took a trip to the south of France, visiting Saint-Tropez, Cannes, Nice and Monaco. We had a great time in France, making friends and drinking a lot of rose wine. We’ve been to Sighisoara for the Medieval Festival. All in all it was a good summer. Except the last week of June, but that’s a different story.

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