Sep 022006

Versiune in română

Our plane landed at San Francisco airport about 12 hours ago. It’s about 3.00 in the morning local time, and I can’t sleep. That’s because I’ve slept in the afternoon – against Cris’s advice – being tired because I didn’t sleep on the plane – again, against Cris’s advice. I don’t know why I wasn’t able to sleep on the plane. I usually do. The flight was pretty smooth. We had seats in an exit row, so I had place to stretch. I watched two French movies which were ok, nothing memorable. I tried to read but didn’t get too far. We had an hour layover in Paris and I was afraid we won’t catch our connection but we did. In my opinion, CDG is a well organized airport.

The apartment smells a bit funny. It’s going to take a few days until the smell goes away. I thought I’m going to feel a bit weird after being away for so long. After all, we stayed in Romania for more than 4 months. But I found the place as familiar as always, finding my things around the house like I just left yesterday. I looked out the window at the view. It was a bit foggy but I took a picture.

The car started at the first turn of the key, so no towing this time. Cris went to the Russian store on Clement and 32nd and now we even have food in the fridge. Of course we forgot something in the fridge when we left and that something almost came alive during these four months. One thing we noticed was how quiet the apartment was in the afternoon. In Bucharest there’s always dogs barking, cats meowing, the neighbor remodeling his apartment, cars passing, children yelling. Here it was so quiet. I guess it’s because we live on a hill, away from the hustle and bustle of downtown.

Today I’m going to be very tired. And I have 4 months of mail to go through. A long weekend just started.

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  1. Good luck sorting through the mail. How long do you plan to be in SF? I need to know how much time I have to learn Romanian before I visit you guys in Bucharest :))

  2. Almost done with the mail. Most likely we’ll go back to Romania in December, for the winter holidays. I’m sure that after Spanish and Portuguese you’ll have no problem with Romanian 🙂

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