Aug 302006

Versiune în română

These are a few stencil grafitti that I spotted around Bucharest. I didn’t use to look at the walls too close until I noticed the first grafitti. Now I see them all around the city.

This is our current president, Traian Basescu and the grafitti reads “What cold in the summer”. Once in an interview he told the reporters that “The summer is not like the winter” (duh!) a sentence that made career as a famous quote. Searching on google for “vara nu-i ca iarna” gives 11900 results.

The grafitti refers to the monument recently erected in Piata Revolutiei, called the “Monument of Heroes”. But the grafitti reads “Monument of Errors” and the I is in the shape of the ugly monument.

Romanian writer from the 19th-century. Caption says “Cheap and good”.

Bine zis.

A math problem.

“Happiness in monthly payments”. I don’t know if this was the intention of the author but to me this sounds like a good anti-slogan for consumerism.

“Maneaua kills”. From Wikipedia “Manele (singular: Manea) is a Balkan music style mainly derived from Turkish love songs, considered by many to be a form of sub-culture. It is most prominent in Romania, especially in rural areas and poor urban neighbourhoods, but is also present in Bulgaria, Serbia, Albania and parts of Turkey. Manele musicians are called “manelişti” in Romania.”

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  1. The graffiti about the President & the “monumental error” are both excellent!! I’m happy to see this kind of thing in Bucharest.

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