Apr 062007

Versiune în română

What’s a girl to do when she has a new camera and she’s stuck on a plane for 12 hours? For starters I took about 30 pictures of the plane’s wing, followed by about 10 pictures of my seat and the book I brought on board, portraits of Cris, Amsterdam from above etc. I stopped short of photographing my shoelaces.

The wing:

The book:

Landing in Amsterdam

Schipol Airport

Final destination, Bucharest:

  2 Responses to “On the plane”

  1. Wah! I want to see your shoelaces!

    Actually, that was a very cute bit – and I can hardly wait to see your upcoming pics of the homeland. By the way, what camera are you using now? I’m interested in what people are buying — my photographer wife is shopping for a new camera.

  2. My new camera is nothing special, just a small point and shoot. I wanted something as unobtrusive as possible. My main camera is a Canon EOS 20D with a 17-85mm lens which weights about 4 pounds and is pretty big in size – although I’ve seen worse in my travels. Every time I stop to take a picture people start staring at me and most often in Romania a bored bodyguard comes to tell me that I can’t take pictures there. Not that there is a law about it, like I said, they’re just bored with their job and by arguing with me they find something to pass the time. That’s why I wanted a camera that won’t be so noticeable, something that can fit in my purse and that I can carry around when I go out with friends or when I go to a concert and I want to take a few quick snapshots.

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