Sep 222010

Versiune în română

I never seem to find the time to write about my travels. The last few trips I even took notes while traveling but typing them into the computer and formatting them has proved to be a task that I never get around to do. Even though what I want to do is write, what I seem to keep doing is taking pictures. Which is why, to keep this blog alive, I came up with the idea of posting a photo a day from the place I happen to be at that particular moment. If I’m in Bucharest it will be a photo from my hometown; if I’m travelling I would post a photo of the place I’m visiting. I got the idea for this project from my other “baby”, the Bucharest Daily Photo blog which has brought me joy for about 10 months before I abandoned it at the beginning of the summer (I keep telling myself this abandonment is only temporary and that “tomorrow” I’ll start reposting). I’m going to call this new project “Project 365” and I came up with a set of rules that I’ll try my best to follow:

1. The goal is to take one photo a day for the entire year, and to post it on this blog
2. No posting more than one photo a day, regardless if I take 1 or 1000 photo that day
3. Internet is not always available while I’m traveling so I might not be able to post every day. Which is why I’ll be allowing myself a week backlog. However only one picture taken each day may be posted.

I hope to start the project tomorrow.

  4 Responses to “Project 365”

  1. Now, you start! If you had started a couple years ago I could have been in many of the pictures. 🙂

    I thought it was kind of a waste to post only about Bucharest in bucharestdailyphoto, when actually you spend so much of your time traveling around the world. Good luck with your new project!

  2. I love your Idea I to write and have several writing journals that seem to all only to be started. but my pictures of my travels or ordinary days seem to tell the story of my life so much better..I am stealing you idea and tomorrow starting a 365 day of my own thank you so much

  3. 🙂 It wasn’t my idea actually, I borrowed it from flickr, where there are many 365 groups.

  4. Thank for your comments back,I have another ? the Romanian Anthenaeum,I can’t seem to find out when you can just get into take some pictures of the building it only shows the box office time,can you give me any information on it,for saturdays,sundays and mondays. I will be there in April and would love to photograph it. Thank you Darci

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