Nov 072010

Versiune în română

Bucharest. Even though my favorite season is summer I try to find peace with all the other seasons 🙂 and find activities that I enjoy doing for the rest of the year. For example fall marks the start of the theater season, a type of performing arts that I really love. My first try for this season was a play at the Comedy Theater, called “The Artificial Silk Girl” after Irmgard Keun, about a young German girl who moves from a small town to Berlin in the early 1930’s wanting to become a star. She ends up selling herself for food and housing, but in the end she’s saved by a shy, educated man whose wife left him. Not the type of subject that usually attracts me, but the actors, Delia Nartea and Alexandru Conovaru, were pretty good. The photo shows some of the posters at the Comedy Theater.

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