May 112009

Versiune în română

Day Three. This was the day we decided to visit the Met mostly because it was cloudy outside and it looked like it’s going to rain. We started with the Egyptian wing so Cris won’t get bored. He tends to do that when we visit art museums but he likes history a lot more. The museum was full of school children making fascinated noises at the sight of the mummies: “Miss, is it a real person inside?”. As expected, Cris found the whole wing fascinating and he was trying to read about the Egyptians while I kept interrupting with my impersonation of the Bangles “Walk like an Egyptian” which Cris said he didn’t remember. I was trying to make him remember so I even did the dance. Finally I left him in peace and went upstairs to the Modern Art section which proved to be amazing. I wonder if they own more Impressionists painting than Musee d’Orsay. Room after room filled with Monet, Manet, Renoir and some of the most famous ones too. “The Garden of Sainte-Adresse”, “The Regatta at Sainte-Adresse” and “Grenouillere” by Monet, “Boating” by Manet, Picasso, Van Gogh etc. I even found a painting by Gaugain that my mom liked – she kept a reproduction of it in her bedroom. I had no idea it was displayed here, I tought it was in the Louvre since my mom visited Paris but never been to New York.

We stayed in the museum until closing time, had dinner and headed for the crazyness of lights that is Times Square. I like Times Square, its hustle and bustle, the noise, the crowds, the flickering ads, the cheesiness. Once there we were deeply impressed by the sight of a banner that said “Bun venit”, which means “Welcome” in Romanian. There were Welcome banners in different languages all around the square.

Metropolitan Museum of Art, Egyptian Wing:

Metropolitan Museum of Art, Temple of Dendur:

Metropolitan Museum of Art, Temple of Dendur:

Gaugain, a picture that my mother used to like:

Metropolitan Museum of Art, entrance hall:

Metropolitan Museum of Art, facade:

Delicious Italian food:

The Italian restaurant we ate in (“Erminia”):

Window display, Upper East Side:

Upper East Side:

Times Square at night:

The “Welcome” sign – in Romanian – in Times Square:

Times Square at night:

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