Oct 162010

Versiune în română

Bucharest. The perfect Saturday at home when outside it’s raining : shawarma, a movie, Star Trek Voyager, The Big Bang Theory, WOW. So I had to improvise for the shot of the day by taking a photo of some of my travel books and part of my collection of pigs. Since this is a travel/photography site I wanted you to know that my collection of pigs is very international. They come as follows from left to right: Canada, San Francisco, Hong Kong, Macau, Bucharest, Bucharest, Bratislava and the last three are from Krakow.

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Oct 122010

Versiune în română

Hong Kong, Repulse Bay

I didn’t take any pictures on October 12th because I spent half of the day in the airplane, flying from Hong Kong back to Bucharest, and the other half in the company of family. I guess there may be days like these, when I won’t be taking photos. Instead I’m going to post a picture that was taken on October 11, one of the last taken that day in Hong Kong.